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PDR is the art of removing a dent from a vehicle through careful manipulation of the sheetmetal to return it to its original contour. It requires highly trained technicians who use specialized tools without affecting your vehicle’s factory finish. This is possible today because of thinner sheetmetal and high flexibility of urethane based paints. Most dents can be repaired that are caused by door dings, hail, golf balls, shopping carts, etc.

Our Master Technician is Cyress. Having helped hundreds of customers over the past ten years and prides himself on fixing dents most other PDR techs shy away from; always providing excellent customer service and serving clients with integrity. Cyress has a consistent five-star rating on Yelp, with reviewer comments including, “Your search for your dentguy is over!” and “Cyress, you’re the best in the area!”

Recently, Dent Techs Magazine recognized Cyress as one of the top PDR technicians in the country, describing his work as “flawless.” Cyress enjoys the meticulous, challenging work that comes with PDR, and is knowledgeable of the body industry as a whole.

Please keep in mind that estimates are determined by location of dent(s), depth, size, and difficulties of repair.


As the name implies, paintless dent repair doe not utilize paint, buffers or other compounds that “cover” dents. Out process eliminates dents as if they had never happened, instead of covering them up; thus providing amazing results that maintain the original factory finish and color in a fraction of the time it would take a body shop to do the work.

In addition, Paintless dent repair costs a lot less, up to 80% less expensive than a body shop. We can remove minor dents and dings from your vehicle without a trace. Price starting at $85. Most of our repair costs between $85 - $165 (which covers most door dings and minor dents). Dents on a body line or creases between $135 - $350 (hese are some of the most difficult dents to remove). Larger dents start at $200 and up.

LUXURY CARS…..Our Specialty…!

We specializes in high end exotic and luxury car paintless dent repairs. The original finish on sports cars and luxury cars is invaluable and many repair services lack the expertise to maintain them. We combine remarkable new techniques with extensive experience and detailed care to make dents in your prized vehicle disappear without compromising the original finish.

The smooth exterior contours and specially-designed frames are one of the chief hallmarks of high-end cars and give each car its immediate striking impression. A dent in your refinished classic or new exotic takes away from its stunning appearance and notably reduces its value. Matching the color and finish of your rare classic or foreign car can be nearly impossible or exceptionally costly, but we can remove the damage while maintaining the original paint of your vehicle.


We save our customers hundreds of dollars by removing dents and dings from their leased vehicles before returning to lease companies. Contact before you return your leased vehicle to avoid costly "excessive wear-and-tear" charges by lease companies.


If you vehicle is hit by a hail storm, do not panic, we can work directly with your insurance company to have your vehicle repaired. Hail damage is considered an act of nature, it does not count against your claim and your insurance premiums will not increase. Our PDR service is welcomed by major insurance companies across Canada.


We guaranteed to restore the value of your vehicle with our paintless dent repair service. We are dedicated to deliver the highest quality on every damage we repair. Customer satisfaction is always guaranteed.


Email or TEXT pictures for a free quote. Please include your vehicle’s MAKE, MODEL and YEAR along with the pictures of the dent(s).

We can match or beat any written estimate by a reputable competitor by at least 10%.

Auto Appearance Center, Maryland Window Tinitng | Maryland Paint Protection, Maryland Auto Detailing