Ever wanted to have that exclusive celebrity style with cutting-edge tinted windows on your ride? Tints can elevate your style but there is more to tinted windows that just “cool looks’’. Tinted windows offer many advantages to the vehicle owner and they are an investment in the longevity of your car.

Here are four questions to ask before getting tinted windows in Maryland.

Does The Tint Come With A Warranty?

Reputable tint shops should offer a warranty on the window tint service they offer. This warranty protects you from any product failures for a specific period of time. Many people don’t ask about warranties, and it is to their own detriment! Reputable shops stand behind their tint installations and repair failing film sometimes at no additional cost!

What Is The Price Of The Tint Job?

Don’t get sticker shocked by the final invoice you receive at the tint shop. Rather, ensure that the tint job you want is something that you can genuinely afford. There may be tints in a range of different prices, so gather quotes and pick something that fits your budget.

What Technology Does The Window Tint Have?

The most important consideration in a window tint selection is UV protection. UV protection will protect your car interior from UV damage, keep your car cool, and save A/C costs in the summer. This protection will maintain the longevity of your car’s interior and protect your passengers skin from sun during long drives. Another feature to look out for is strength-reinforcement. This could protect your windows from nicks, smashes, and shatters.

Are There Brand Options For Me To Choose From?

Some tint shops will offer a range of different brand options, while others will stick exclusively with one brand. By knowing the brand of the window tint product you’ll be receiving, you can research this brand and see if it fits your desired standards. If you have brand options, you’ll be able to research and make an informed decision.

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