Commercial Tint

Commercial Tint

Why Tint Shop 1986?

Since 1986 we have been the top Residential Window Tinting company in Maryland and the Washington Metro Area.

In today’s era, people are more obsessed with glass windows in commercial spaces than ever before. Obviously, this gives a very stylish and elegant look to space. But along with benefits, it comes with some cons as well including problems of glare, heat, higher cooling costs, and more.

We’ve been fortunate to work with people from all walks of life. Some of our customers who originally came in for our automotive tinting service happened to be business owners, and when they saw the stellar quality of the work we did on their car windows, they wondered if we could do the same thing for retail stores and office buildings.

Of course we were happy to provide this service.

Think of all the problems you might have seen with tinted windows, like peeling, bubbling, color distortion, and poor fade protection. We have the right skills and the right products to prevent all of those issues.

As with all of our window tinting services, we only use the most advanced window films on the market. And we have the installation process down to a perfect science, so you’ll be fully satisfied with the way your windows look.

Our services of commercial window tinting in Maryland can reduce all these hassles while offering a satisfactory level of comfort and cutting down all the operational costs too. So, get in touch with us today!

In addition to traditional window films, we also provide frosted, blackout and whiteout window films, which help to maintain the privacy and security of your business.

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    Commercial Tint Overview Information

    Why Us?

    We've been tinting windows for over three decades, and you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone who does it as well as we do.  We exclusively use premium window films, made right here in the US, and we have the installation process down to a perfect science.

    Types of Films

    Not all window films are equal.  Over time, cheap films will crack, bubble, fade, and peel.  Very often, cheap films will even turn purple, which is never desirable. Getting those damaged films removed isn't cheap.  Instead of setting you up for unwanted costs in the future, we think it's better to offer a variety of premium films that will hold up over time.  The films we use are all made in the USA, and offer world-class heat rejection, UV protection, and privacy. In addition to traditional window films, we also provide frosted, blackout and whiteout window films, which help to maintain your the privacy and security of your business.  Which film you choose will ultimately depend on your personal preferences and the unique needs of your business, but rest assured that all of our films will stand the test of time.

    UV Protection

    Believe it or not, your skin can still be exposed to harmful UV rays while you’re indoors.  The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends home window films as a way for people to protect their skin from these rays. Our window films provide premium protection against these rays, so you can rest assured everyone at your workplace is getting the highest quality sun protection available.

    Lifetime Warranty

    We stand by the quality our work, which is why we offer a nationwide lifetime warranty on all installations. If your film is defective, we'll cover the cost of a replacement, and we'll install it for free.