Window tinting is an afterthought for most drivers and homeowners. With that said, those of us who take the time to learn about window tinting find a wide variety of options that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. 

Some benefits of tinted windows include additional security, heat regulation during the warmer months, and aesthetic enhancement of your vehicle. 

While many businesses provide window tinting services, not every window tinting service is alike. To find a window tinting service that is likely to suit your unique needs and preferences, it is best to seek a professional service that offers a wide variety of films at fair prices. 

At Tint Shop 1986, we offer window tinting services that suit a wide variety of customers. These include:


What Is The Best Window Tinting Service Near Me?


Automobile Tinting Services.


We have an extensive selection of USA-made films that offer exceptional solar performance.  Our team of experts will flawlessly install these films on your vehicle, making it appear as if your windows were tinted the day they came out of the factory.  All of our films are covered by our signature warranty–this warranty exists for as long as you own your vehicle.

Residential Tinting Services 

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a mansion, we promise to offer world-class window tinting for your home. Our USA-made films are highly reflective, offering the world’s best heat rejection.  Not only will they protect your delicate furniture–they will also protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Commercial Tinting Services

Tint Shop 1986 has extensive experience providing window tinting for retail stores, government facilities, and other commercial buildings ranging from law offices to restaurants. All of our clients have appreciated our high-quality selection of USA-made films, and the professionalism of our expert installers. Protect your customers, clients, and employees from the sun’s harmful rays, and cut back on your building’s energy costs with our world-class window films.

Tint Shop 1986: The Best Window Tinting Service in Maryland!

We’ve been in the window tinting business for over 30 years.  (Since 1986!) In our tumultuous economic climate, there’s no way any local business can stay afloat for that long without offering incredible service.  

Come visit us at Tint Shop 1986, and experience why our customers think we have the Best Window Tinting Service in Maryland!!!

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