Tinted windows are an excellent way to protect your vehicle or home from the sun’s UV rays, while also adding an attractive, mysterious aesthetic to your windows. However, that aesthetic can can easily be compromised if the person installing your tinted windows doesn’t know what he is doing. That’s why it’s critical to hire an experienced professional to install your tint films.

Here are the main differences between low-quality and high-quality window tinting.

Bubbles vs No Bubbles
Have you ever placed a thin film over a smartphone and noticed a few bubbles? It’s not a huge deal when that happens; you can just remove the film and put it back on more smoothly.

But with window tinting films, there’s no excuse for a professional to install something with visible bubbles. It’s a sloppy look, and there’s no reason you should have to pay for it.

Peeling Films vs Stable Films
Window films shouldn’t look like films—they should create the appearance of a window made from naturally tinted glass. If the films are easy to peel off at the corners, that’s a sign of a low quality installation.

Clear Films vs Debris
No matter what anyone says, there should be no visible fibers, dust, or debris caught between a window and a film. If any of those things are visible, the window wasn’t cleaned properly beforehand.

Purple vs Solid Black
Unless you intentionally purchased purple window tinting films, any color other than a dark, opaque black is a sign of poor quality films. Here at Tint Shop 1986, we only sell USA-made films that meet our strict standard of quality.

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