When you think of cars with tinted windows, you probably don’t picture them driving along the roads in Maryland. (Unless it’s the President’s limo coming from DC!)

Tinted windows have an aesthetic that most of us are more likely to associate with places like New York and Los Angeles.

Still, there are many compelling reasons for Maryland residents to tint their car windows. Here are four of them.




Heat Rejection For The Hot Summer Months

If you’ve walked into a hot car in the middle of a humid day in Maryland, you know it’s an uncomfortable feeling! It can take forever for the car to cool down, and if it takes too long, you might start to get a bit sweaty…which can be pretty embarrassing!

Tinted windows can help keep your car a bit cooler, so the A/C can start working a bit faster, and you can get comfortable in your car regardless of weather conditions.

Reduce Glare From Winter Snow

A lot of people think harsh sunlight is only a problem in the hot months. But many people find that their vision is blocked the most when the sunlight reflects against the heavy winter snow.

Tinted windows can help reduce the sun glare that ends up in your car in all weather conditions, so you can protect your vision and have an easier time seeing the road.

Protect Your Skin

Contrary to popular belief, sunlight is damaging to your skin even when it isn’t blazing hot outside. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, this means you should wear sunscreen even when sitting next to a window during a winter day. Window tinting can provide Maryland drivers with a bit of extra protection from ultraviolet rays.

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