Dents are an occasional hazard that everyone has to deal with, often more regularly than we would like. But instead of brushing minor (and MAJOR) dents aside, it is highly recommended that you fix them as soon as possible!

As Professional Dent Repair technicians in Rockville, we know that dents, nicks, and scratches are more than just cosmetic.


Dents can expose the structural parts of your car to the elements and moisture. If you live in humid areas or near a coastline, this will quickly result in rust forming on your vehicle. Rust is dangerous to your health and can compromise your vehicle’s metal.


Your safety as a driver, and the safety of your passengers, should be your #1 priority. Dents and bumps can mask serious structural issues that may have occurred during the impact that caused your dent. It’s best to get dents examined and taken care of as soon as you possibly can to ensure safety.

Long-Term Damage To Paint

Many dents involve scratched exterior panels, which require a professional paint job to repair. Over time, these scratches get worse and cause long-term damage to the paint, making it harder and more costly to fix later.

Lower Resale Value

If you needed to sell your car in a hurry due to life changes or to get cash for an emergency, you would get much lower offers with exterior damage. If your vehicle has dents and scratches, it will turn away serious customers who want the vehicle. Your car will sit on the shelf and require you to lower the price below the maximum you could have had otherwise.

It’s Always Cheaper To Fix New Dents Than Older Dents

As you read previously, dents can worsen over time, especially if you live near the ocean. The bigger and more complex the dent, the more costly it will be to fix it. Save yourself the hassle and the cash by getting them fixed as soon as you notice them or as they occur.

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